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We are a service provider that understands your industry, that one size does not fit all. T&J Janitorial Services and Supplies serves and supports multiple industries, with experienced professionals who understand our clients’ distinct requirements. We understand the facility services needs of a hospital or health care client, for example, can be very different from the demands of a client in the industrial and manufacturing sector. We offer custom facility solutions that reflect the unique nature of your business. At T& J Janitorial Services and Supplies, we specialize in delivering timely cleaning and maintenance services of high quality for companies of all sizes. Our biggest strengths are found in our enthusiastic team, our size, and the trust we have in each other.


Yes, it's true that we are a small company with big goals and ambitions. Don't let our small size concern you. We have established strategic processes and procedures to help us accomplish what needs to be done, no matter the size of the project. Over the past few years, we have learned that it is our small size that makes us a perfect fit for small and large clients.
A small building needs a team that can produce results that are specific to the clients needs and request. A large building needs a team with a set process to utilize their skills and experience complete satisfactory services in a timely manner while the building is closed. Studies prove that smaller teams deliver better results and we are committed to delivering those results.

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